Takk til alle deltagere, frivillige, crew og publikum for nok en godt arrangement i 2018!

Sees igjen sommeren 2019!


Benytt muligheten til å se noen av verdens beste BASE hoppere i aksjon når vi kårer “Verdens raskeste flyvende menneske”  i
Romsdalen 9 til 11 juli!

Konkurransen foregår i Innfjorden, fra en spesiallaget rampe på Gridsetskolten på 1064m, 2 timers rask gange unna. Landing er 750m i luftlinje fra toppen, du kjører inn til høyre på gamleveien rett etter Innfjordtunnellen (fra Åndalsnes) så kommer du til publikumsområdet.

Hoppingen foregår mellom kl 1200-1700, avhengig av værforholdene
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Se filmene vi har lagt ut på siden her så får du inntrykk av hva dette dreier seg om 🙂

Velkommen som tilskuer!


World BASE Race 2018, 10th Anniversary!

The Competition this Year is a 3part package:

5th – 7th July Hellesylt & Loen
Timed Qualification & Finales jumping

9th – 11th July Innfjorden
Timed Qualification & Finales jumping

13th – 15th Big-Way, Katthammer Eikesdal
Big-Way World Record

It all starts in Hellesylt at the farm of Martin the most amazing and creative artist farmer ever. We do the training jumps in Loen, a village next to Hellesylt. We use the new gondola there.
Next stop will be Innfjorden, the location where it all began 10 years ago.
And finally big-way jumping in Eikesdal.  


Stay tuned, the registration opens 30th of May 2018

Envision two athletes standing on wooden platforms at the edge of a mountain cliff. Each man is dressed in state-of-the-art wingsuit. At the signal, they jump and race head-on to the finish line, deploying their parachutes and gliding to a safe landing.

Mind blowing? Extraordinary? Innovative genius? A testament to man’s dream of flight? A sporting event unlike any other in the world?

We answer yes to all of the above, and promise another good event in 2018.

The World Base Race is a racing sprint event in which the winners of each heat progress to the next round in the tournament. The race is designed as an easy to understand concept of two mountain flyers navigating a mapped and measured distance towards a finish line. Upon finishing they deploy their parachutes and land safely.

The number of heats is determined by the number of participants, eliminating pilots round by round until the world’s fastest flyer is crowned the winner.

This is the ultimate challenge human beings can face in a high speed adrenaline sport. Head to head flying a 750 (Innfjorden), 1 300 (Hellesylt) meters horizontal race course, where a perfect human flight will crown “The world’s fastest flying human being”.

Using nothing other than gravity, a body dressed in a wingsuit, and the perfect aerodynamic shape these athletes chase their dreams of flight in a stunning outdoor setting.

Innfjorden WBR title: “The world fastest flying human being”

We have created a spectator friendly arena to host the world’s most amazing public sporting event. Located among the beautiful fjords of Norway, this is a location like no other on earth.

We want to make this the greatest public party for athletes and spectators alike. This event demonstrates to the world the type of athletes Wingsuit pilots truly are in an exciting competition.

This is a top skilled athletic sport, where you not only have to compete head to head, but perform in front of the public.

All rounds in “The World BASE Race” have to be hiked by the athletes; therefore the winner must also be in great physical shape.

The athletes co-exist on the mountain along with the spectators making the event one of a kind in which spectators have a sense of being part of a new and exciting sport.

It all started in 2008, the rest is history

Look back for the historic highlights here in due time, behind the scenes stories & more

Contact us

World BASE Race contact

Competition & Judge Manager, Livia Dickie

Safety & Start Manager, Cato Nordbakk mobile 0047 ‭411 05 071‬

Volunteers Manager at Innfjorden, Kristin Lien

WBR Manager, Ivar Brennhovd

Havnegata 1, 6300 Åndalsnes (The Friluftslek shop)