World BASE Race “The world fastest flying human being”

Norwegian base jumping began in the summer of 1980.

Arena- The Trollwall. In Romsdalen. In Norway.

Since then it has evolved from being a high-risk activity, to be a moderate-risk
sport. Equipment is constantly improved upon using cutting-edge
technology, testing and user experience.

World BASE Race was held for the first time in August of 2008 and immediately received worldwide media coverage due to the growing interest in Wingsuitpiloting.

World BASE Race took center stage due to local support, and our corporate partners resources in presenting an international first class event.

We are creating a sport with measurable goals, rules, and an audience of spectators from what once were exhibition jumps and demonstrations.

We are proud to say it all started in Romsdalen, Norway.

This is the ultimate challenge human beings can face in a high speed adrenaline sport. Head to head flying a 750 meters (1 300 meters in Hellesylt) horizontal race course, where a perfect human flight will crown “The world’s fastest flying human being”.

Using nothing other than gravity, a body dressed in a wingsuit, and the perfect aerodynamic shape these athletes chase their dreams of flight in a stunning outdoor setting.

Innfjorden WBR title: “The world fastest flying human being”

We have created a spectator friendly arena to host the world’s most amazing public sporting event. Located among the beautiful fjords of Norway, this is a location like no other on earth.

We want to make this the greatest public party for athletes and spectators alike. This event demonstrates to the world the type of athletes Wingsuit pilots truly are in an exciting competition.

This is a top skilled athletic sport, where you not only have to compete head to head, but perform in front of the public.

All rounds in “The World BASE Race” have to be hiked by the athletes; therefore the winner must also be in great physical shape.

The athletes co-exist on the mountain along with the spectators making the event one of a kind in which spectators have a sense of being part of a new and exciting sport.

It all started back in 2008, with Paul Fortun and Johnny Bjørkås as the inventors. Thanks guys for having the vision, guts and energy to set it up!